About Us

DBRS Medical strives to deliver creative, affordable and flexible solutions that exceed our client’s individual needs and expectations, while maintaining the industry’s highest standards.

After earning his Bachelors Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology, Carl Frank, founder of DBRS, went to work for GE Medical Systems. After leaving GE and accepting a position as a senior engineer with one of the leading mobile CT companies in the United States, American Shared Curacare, Carl furthered his technical CT skills and was responsible for maintaining various aspects of the mobile environment, while providing tech support, training, and parts sourcing and repair. This would prove valuable in the years ahead.

Digital Board Repair Services was founded by Carl in 1988 with the sole purpose of providing alternative service options on GE CT Scanners. Due to the growing workload, Carl and associates formed DBRS Medical Systems Inc. in 1992. Since then DBRS has grown into one of largest providers of interim mobile GE CT and PET/CT Scanners in the western United States.