CT / PET Scanner Sales

The same conscientious workmanship that applies to DBRS mobile CT and PET/CT trailers goes into the refurbishing of fixed GE scanners as well.  The careful selection and inspection of all the CTs purchased is imperative in eliminating the problems that can occur later on.  During DBRS’s rigorous quality control phase, problems are identied, corrected, and retested to ensure the issues are resolved satisfactorily.  With these controls carefully followed and in place, it allows DBRS to deliver to our customers the quality of CT Scanner that meets manufacturers specifications, but most importantly the high expectations that you demand from an independent CT provider. 

The following are CT and PET/CT systems that are available for sale. Detailed specifications, which include cooling and siting requirements are available upon request:


-GE 128 Slice Revolution

-GE 128 Slice Optima

-GE 64 Slice VCT

-GE 16 Slice LightSpeed/BrightSpeed

-GE 8 Slice Lightspeed/Brightspeed

-GE 4 Slice Lightspeed/Brightspeed


-GE 4/8/16 Slice DST Dimension

-GE 16 Slice Optima 560

For more information, contact us at 909-364-9547.